Water Damage Photo Gallery

Wood floor drying system place to dry out affected wood floors.

Wood floor drying system

Did you know wood floors can be salvaged if you mitigate your water loss properly? SERVPRO of Thousand Oaks has wood floor drying systems that can dry out wood floors.  Mats are placed on the affected wet wood floor and extract moisture trapped under the flooring. Our train professionals will monitor daily and will only remove drying equipment until the affected areas are dry.

Moisture reading detecting moisture in structural materials

Detecting Moisture

Even if you mopped up water from an overflow you should always have someone perform moisture inspection. Water can wick into your drywall without being seen visible. SERVPRO has moisture reading instruments to detect any possible water intrusion.

Drying Chamber

This is a photo of how SERVPRO Thousand Oaks creates a drying chamber. The containment is made of plastic that is being held by zip poles. This will help the loss dry faster. So call SERVPRO for any of your drying needs. 

Power distribution box

Sometime SERVPRO Thousand Oaks come across needing more power usage. This power distribution box becomes our handy tool. We can attach more drying units. This will help in drying a structure in a timely matter.