Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Here is the affected carpet from ground water from rain.

Carpet affected by ground water

Did you know just a little bit of rain can cause water intrusion?  If your drains are clogged or flower bed does not drain out properly it can cause ground water intrusion. SERVPRO of Thousand Oaks recommends that even the small amount of water entering the house should be dried properly. This customer had the smallest amount of water but having us dry it out to prevent secondary damage.

This is a up-close picture of a wall that was not properly mitigated and mold growth occurred.

Moldy Wall

Sometimes a storm can cause havoc. Homeowners overlook what they believe a little bit of water coming in from a roof leak, window, or door leaking. Even the smallest amount of water that is not properly mitigated can cause a bigger problem. Mold can grow after 48 hours, so time is of the essence. In this picture, you can see the mold growth on drywall. When the environment has been subject t moisture mold can spread further. A strong indication mold may be present is a musty odor. It is important for environmental professionals to inspect for mold. I there is no visible mold it will be recommended to have a qualified indoor air quality professional. If you think you might have a mold problem, call SERVPRO of Thousand oaks at (805) 492-2434.